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Achieve the Perfect Finish with a Variety of Flooring Accessories in Skegness, Lincolnshire

Discover a wide range of all the flooring accessories you need to attain the perfect finish. From carpet gripper and adhesive that secure your floor to the subfloor to decorative door bars and stair rods, you will find them in our store in Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Why Invest in Flooring Accessories?

Once your floor has been fitted, you can really see the impact that a new carpet or laminate has on your living spaces. However, without the addition of door bars or beading, it still looks unfinished. You really can get the most out of your floor with the introduction of accessories, as not only do they add that final flourish to the look of your floor, but they also add extra protection against damage. Investing in flooring accessories:

  • Adds the Finishing Touches to Your Rooms
  • Helps to Keep Your Flooring Secure and Look Great
  • Bridges Gaps between Rooms and Flooring Types for a Seamless Transition
  • Provides Extra Protection for Your Floor

At Alexanders “The Carpet & Flooring Store”, we stock a wide range of flooring accessories for carpets, vinyl, and laminate as well as LVT. Getting your hands on the right accessories for your floor ensures that you get the perfect finish every time.



Along with our vinyl flooring, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) is an innovative option with a touch of elegance.



Beautiful laminate flooring from our highly regarded company is practical and completely fuss-free.


Understanding Flooring Accessories

Whatever your room and flooring type, flooring accessories offer real benefits for creating the ideal finish. They can be used to secure the floor to the subfloor and create a seamless transition between different types of flooring. Bridging the gap in your doorways, for example, a cosy lounge carpet and practical laminate in the hallway can be achieved without compromising the look by simply adding the right flooring accessory. 

Discover the right flooring accessory for you and your home from the options below.

Carpet Gripper

Available in lengths of 1.52m, carpet gripper comes pre-nailed to provide a firm grip on your floors and also prevent new carpets losing tension once installed. Gripper rods are thick and rigid to provide an ultra-strong grip and keep the carpet taut so you won’t see any lumps or bumps. Simple to use, carpet gripper can be cut to size if needed, which can speed up installation. Carpet gripper is suitable for use on wooden floorboards and most concrete subfloors and can help your carpet to maintain its appearance, even when vacuumed.

Wooden Beading

Beading is available in a choice of colours and shades of wood to complement your wood flooring. This engineered wood and laminate floor edging fills the expansion gap between your planks and the wall or skirting board and adds extra protection to your flooring. It is also easy to install and great value for money, giving your floor the finishing touch it needs to complete the room beautifully.

Single-Edge Door Bar

When you need to join the threshold between a room and an open area of hard flooring, this is the accessory for you. Available in brass and aluminium to suit many styles of decor, single door bars are perfect to bridge the gap between a carpet and vinyl, as well as to finish your doorways in style. With grips added to 1 side to take a firm hold of the underside of carpets and a flat edge at the other, it provides a neat join-in between rooms and reduces trip hazards too.

Double-Edge Door Bar

This accessory is just what you need to join 2 carpets together across a doorway. With grips on either side to hold the carpet firmly in place, double-edge door bars complete your door thresholds neatly and stylishly in either brass or aluminium, as well as keeping your carpet looking its best. 

These low-cost accessories not only look fabulous, but also make your carpet edges safe from trip hazards and help to keep the overall carpet taut and free from lumps and bumps. This is an essential accessory that works hard to ensure your carpet stays in tip-top condition.

Z-Section Door Bar

When you are looking to join carpet with other types of carpet or flooring of a different height, both professionally and neatly, a Z-section door bar is just what you need. Ideal for heavy use, a Z-section door bar provides a neat and tidy look when joining carpet with hard floors or other carpet. 

Available in classic brass or contemporary aluminium, these door bars give your thresholds a gorgeous finish as well as protecting your floors and keeping you safe from accidents. Additionally, door bars are great value for money and create smooth transitions between rooms, which makes them a must-have to successfully finish your flooring.

Laminate Door Bar

This particular accessory offers the perfect way to finish your new laminate flooring and also make your doorway neat and safe from tripping hazards. Laminate door bars are available in a choice of wood colours to complement any laminate flooring beautifully. 

Sitting flush across thresholds, laminate door bars create a smooth transition between rooms with laminate flooring, making your room look complete as well as protecting your floors. Although these essential accessories are cost-effective and won’t break the bank, the impact of the overall look of your floors is simply priceless.

LVT Door Bar

Your luxury vinyl tiles have been installed, and they look amazing. Now, you just need something to bridge the gap between your door threshold and another room with different flooring. 

LVT door bars sit across thresholds, covering expansion gaps, protecting your floor, and creating smooth travel from room to room. These innovative door bars also go 1 step further by incorporating a clear central space so you can slot in a strip of your LVT, making the room-to-room transition of different floors completely seamless and almost invisible. Investing in these door bars give your rooms a perfectly professional finish.

Double-Sided Vinyl Tape

Double-sided vinyl tape fixes vinyl flooring to your subfloor. Easy to use, this tape is super strong and provides a firm and secure hold that is sure to last. Simply attach the tape to the underside of your vinyl flooring and then lay the vinyl across your floor. Finally, stick down for a flat and even finish, and flooring that just won’t budge! This functional tape is the easy way to ensure that your vinyl flooring stays in place.

Vinyl Adhesive Spray

Like vinyl tape, adhesive spray is a quick and easy way to make sure that your new vinyl floor stays in place. This powerful spray is fast-acting and bonds your vinyl to pretty much any subfloor including concrete, stone, wood, and tiles. 

Simply spray the underside of the vinyl and lay across your floor, making sure there are no lumps. This spray will help to give your vinyl flooring an instant smooth and professional finish that will last and last. 


Underlay is not an optional extra. It is an integral ingredient that shapes how flooring feels, wears, and looks. From adding cushioned depth and absorbing shock to reducing noise and insulating your home, the benefits of underlay are clear. We provide various types of underlay to suit: 


• Engineered Wood & Solid Wood

• Laminate

• LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

Contact us in Skegness, Lincolnshire, to discover more about our wide range of flooring accessories such as carpet gripper.