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Superior Engineered Wood Flooring for a Beautiful Aesthetic from Skegness, Lincolnshire

Delight in an excellent alternative to solid wood with stunning engineered wood flooring from our business. Based in Skegness, Lincolnshire, we excel in providing you with a cost-effective, practical solution when solid wood flooring is simply out of your budget.

Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring?

Timeless styling can be yours with an engineered wood floor. Simple to install and beautiful to look at, it is no surprise that engineered wood is fast becoming a popular alternative to solid wood flooring by more and more home owners. 

In short, engineered wood flooring is less costly and more practical than real wood flooring planks, yet does not compromise on the stunning, high-quality finish. Warm and comfortable under your feet, this luxurious flooring is so versatile that the classic finish it has will suit both modern and traditionally styled homes. It can even be re-sanded and refinished if you find that the floor has become scratched over the years, or you fancy a change of colour and texture.

Available in a range of wood types and shades with different finishes, you’re sure to find an engineered wood floor to suit your own personal interior design style. Strong and durable, this flooring can easily withstand the coming and going of a busy family home - in fact, it’s made for it!

At our well-equipped store in Skegness, we stock a diverse range of engineered wood flooring to suit every budget, room, and interior taste. From realistic finishes and detailing to quality materials and beautiful shades, you’re sure to find wood flooring that matches your needs with us. We also have a great range of underlay and accessories to ensure that you get the best out of your new flooring and achieve the perfect finish.

Engineered Wood

Room Guide to Engineered Wood Flooring

Although your heart may be set on a wood finish in your home, you may not desire laminate and also real wood takes extensive ongoing maintenance, which you don’t have time for. It can also be tricky and expensive to fit.

With engineered wood flooring, you are able to achieve the look and feel of solid wood flooring with none of the hassle. But can it really be used anywhere in your home? Will it be suitable for you and your family’s lifestyles? Discover below if wood flooring is the best option for your home, room by room.


The perfect room to show it off, your living room can be transformed into a more deluxe space with the introduction of a beautiful engineered wood floor. Hard-wearing and luxurious, why would you not want this flooring in your lounge?

Dining Room

This low-maintenance wood flooring is also a great choice for the dining room. There’s no need to worry about food spills as the surface can be easily cleaned with a mop, as long as it has been carefully wrung out. Engineered wood flooring can really add a sense of elegance to your fatigued dining room.


Where else would you want opulent comfort if not the bedroom? With a wide choice of styles and woods, your only issue will be which one to choose. Go on - treat yourself!

Hall and Landing

These high traffic areas need something that will stand the test of time. Hard-wearing engineered wood will do the job just fine along with adding a touch of glamour to this well-used part of the home.


Some lacquered engineered wood can be used in a bathroom, however it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before installing in this wet and humid space.


Not as humid or wet as bathrooms, kitchens are ideal rooms for engineered wood flooring. You can achieve a beautiful finish while receiving peace of mind that any spillages can be cleaned up simply with a microfibre cloth or a well-wrung mop.

How is Engineered Wood Constructed?

Engineered wood flooring is constructed from layers of timber boards, topped with a real hardwood veneer, which makes it more stable than real wood. This top layer of veneer can be made from any one of many different types of wood, which is what gives it its unique look.

The veneer layer needs to be tough to withstand the traffic from a busy residence, and it’s the thickness of this layer that denotes its durability. The thickness of this veneer layer can range from 1mm to 5mm. Underneath the veneer are several more layers of thinner wood, which are glued together to create a base to further increases stability. This makes them less prone to movement caused by humidity in comparison to solid board flooring.

Engineered Wood Materials

With the top layer of engineered wood being made from different types of hardwood like oak, walnut, beech, or maple, there are many different colours available. Also, the designs vary with single strip, 2-strip, or 3-strip plank detailing, which increases your choice even more. 

When you add various plank-edging options like groove or bevelled in the mix, you begin to see the variety of our selection. Additionally, there are the surface finishes: satin, matt, or oiled, which all give engineered flooring a slightly different appearance. With so much choice out there, you are sure to find an engineered wood flooring option that matches your specific requirements.


Solid oak is one of the most sought-after, expensive materials for flooring. With engineered oak flooring, you can enjoy the gorgeous opulence of oak without the hefty price tag of solid wood. The classic finish achieved with oak is second to none and there are lots of shades and variations to choose from, meaning that oak will perfectly suit any home. The versatility of oak means that it works in both contemporary and traditional interiors. Invest in an oak engineered floor and you won’t need to change your flooring for years to come.


Walnut engineered wood flooring gives a beautifully dark, atmospheric feel to any space. You obtain all the beauty and ambience of solid wood without breaking your bank and without the worry of ongoing maintenance. As with most engineered woods, walnut gives such a classic look to your floor that it is complementary to pretty much any colour scheme or interior design style. This means that you could redecorate and restyle your room as many times as you want over the next 25 years and the floor will still look amazing.


This naturally light-coloured engineered wood flooring choice gives you a floor for life. The light and warm tones of beech go with any colour scheme and the durable nature of engineered wood means it will last and last, so you can redecorate to your heart’s content. No matter how you change the styling or colours of the room, your flooring will always steal the show! With such a long warranty, engineered beech flooring is a real investment and gives you peace of mind that it won’t need to be replaced for many years to come.


Like beech, maple is light in colour and features all the grain and knot detailing that you would normally expect from solid wood. Engineered maple wood flooring gives your home a natural feel and also adds a neutral base to any room, meaning you can decorate and restyle with greater ease and freedom regarding colour choice and design. Plus, as with all engineered wood flooring, the durability and long warranty mean you will get years and years of wear without the hassle of too much maintenance.

Engineered Wood Finishes

Once you’ve decided on the best wood material for your home, it’s time to consider the look you want to create. There are 3 main engineered wood surface finishes to choose from that can give your flooring a unique and characterful appearance. Discover the right finish for your home below.

Satin Lacquer

Satin lacquer gives your engineered wood floor a slightly glossy surface that is smooth, low-maintenance, and simply stunning to look at. Lacquer makes engineered wood flooring more resistant to splashes and scratches than oil and also slows down the natural colour-changing effects from sunlight.

Matt Lacquer

Like satin lacquer, matt lacquer offers more resistance to scratches, splashes, and sunlight than natural oil, yet gives engineered wood a very similar finish to oil or wax. For this reason, matt lacquer is a very popular choice for creating a beautiful finish on an engineered wood floor.


The most traditional way to finish wood flooring, oil boasts a classically natural finish. Many enjoy the way that flooring slowly changes and ages in the same way that wood does. However, please note that oil does need to be reapplied more often than lacquer and doesn’t offer the same level of protection.

Contact us in Skegness, Lincolnshire, to find out more about engineered wood flooring as a great alternative to solid wood flooring.