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Practical yet Aesthetically Pleasing Laminate Flooring from Skegness, Lincolnshire

For a practical, fantastic-looking floor, laminate is the perfect choice. At our flooring store in Skegness, Lincolnshire, we provide a vast selection of laminate flooring to give your home a sleek and polished look. Modern day print and production processes mean that pretty much any style of flooring can be emulated with laminate, from classic wood to travertine tiles. Today’s laminates are so authentic that visitors to your home will be none the wiser.

Hassle-Free Solutions

A laminate floor is simple and fuss-free to install as well as adding a beautiful finish to any room. Unlike real wood flooring, laminate takes very little on-going maintenance and can be used almost anywhere in your home. Engineered wood flooring is also available as a suitable alternative.

At Alexanders “The Carpet & Flooring Store”, we stock a diverse range of laminate flooring to suit every budget, room, and interior taste. From realistic finishes and detailing to quality materials and beautiful shades, you’re sure to find laminate flooring that suits your needs with us. We also have a great range of laminate underlay and accessories to ensure that you get the best out of your new flooring and achieve the perfect finish.


Room Guide to Laminate Flooring

So, you’re planning to refurbish your living spaces, and you know exactly what type of finish that you’d like. A wooden floor will give you the look that you desire, or maybe you’ve set your heart on a stone-tiled floor. However, real wood and stone do not come cheap. They also prove both tricky and costly to install, as well as racking up some expensive on-going maintenance. 

Looking at laminate flooring as a more affordable alternative would be really worthwhile to you, as there is sure to be a design to suit your needs that’s easy to fit and look after. There has no doubt been numerous occasions when you have walked on a laminate floor yourself, believing it to be real wood or slate without realising. Visitors in your home will do the same. 

But are laminate floors really a viable option for all over the home, and will they suit your family’s lifestyle? Backed by extensive knowledge and expertise, we are ready to assist you.


Although laminate is generally not the ideal choice for a wet room, there are some ranges available specially for bathrooms that include slip-resistant features. If you have dreamed of a realistic, wood-effect floor in your bathroom that is safe to use, look no further than our laminate flooring.


Laminate flooring is great for kitchens as it deals easily with any spillages or dropped food. Super practical with a wide range of designs to choose from, laminate flooring for your kitchen gives you functionality as well as gorgeous styling.


Laminate flooring is ever popular for living rooms for good reason – it’s the perfect choice! With such a huge selection of designs, styles, and colours available, the only issue you may have is deciding which one you want to order for your living room.


Laminate is also popular for bedrooms as it is super stylish and comfortable underfoot. As bedrooms are low traffic areas, there’s no need to worry too much about durability. Simply get in touch with us today to choose your favourite design from the huge selection available.

Dining Room

This practical type of flooring is great for dining rooms. Easy to clean and maintain, it can deal perfectly well with the odd drink or food spill. Pretty much any laminate will work in your dining room so you really can create any look you want.

Laminate Flooring Types

With a seemingly ever-growing array of styles available to choose from, making a decision could be tricky. From the classic wood to stone tiles and slate-effect laminate, it really is possible to create any look and feel you have set your heart on. Also, improvements in digital printing and production means that today’s laminate flooring is incredibly authentic.


Oak flooring looks truly stunning and gives any home a timeless finish that complements pretty much any style of decor. It is also one of the most expensive and desirable materials on the market and one that will never be out of vogue. 

However, not everyone can stretch their budget to obtain a real oak floor, and many are put off by the ongoing maintenance of real wood. Oak laminate flooring looks very realistic and is so much more practical than the solid oak. It’s the perfect way to achieve the beautiful appearance of real oak without the huge cost or ongoing maintenance.


Dark and atmospheric, walnut laminate flooring creates ambience in your home. Walnut is a beautifully rich wood and authentically captures its natural beauty including knots and grain detail. A dark floor gives your living spaces a neutral base, giving you the freedom to decorate your way. Dark laminate also adds warmth and cosiness, making it the ideal choice for bedrooms. 

Our alternative gives you the perfect dark wood floor without the scary price tag, meaning you can re-vamp your home at a fraction of the cost.


Bring the warm tones of hickory into your home with a particular style of laminate flooring. Available in a variety of shades, from the classic warm reds to beige and greys, hickory laminate also boasts a variety of finishes. Some finishes offer a modern look to give your home a more contemporary feel and others provide beautiful vintage styling in a range of more retro choices. 

A classic floor that suits all sorts of decor, hickory laminate adds character to any living space, meaning you can create the look without the hefty price tag.


Chestnut laminate flooring adds a feeling of yesteryear into your living spaces. Available in varying shades and styles, chestnut laminate has a natural look with grain detailing that enhances its authenticity. Some have a worn look to the surface, which contributes to the more vintage feel, and makes chestnut an ideal choice overall for those who hanker after the look of days gone by. 

With this chestnut option from our company, you can achieve a classic or vintage appearance with its natural look that makes it a versatile option when it comes to complementing colour schemes and design.


Whether your room is decorated in a contemporary or more traditional style, a stone-tiled floor finishes any look perfectly. Stone has been used for floors for many years as it is durable, easy to maintain, and looks stunning. 

However, this classic material can be slippery when wet and cold under your feet. Our tile-effect laminate flooring is the perfect solution when you have always wanted a stone floor. Stone-effect laminate looks fantastically realistic, is anti-slip, and has a comfortable, warm surface to walk on. You really can get the best of both worlds with stone-effect laminate.


Slate has long been a desirable flooring option for homes. Now you can achieve the look and feel of real slate without the high cost by investing in slate-effect laminate flooring. Its textured surface replicates the natural appearance of slate, yet because it is laminate, offers practicality and low maintenance. 

The deep, rich tones of our slate laminate flooring give your rooms a rustic appearance that is both charming and inviting. This realistic slate-effect flooring is anti-slip, easy to clean, and also mimics the appearance of real slate tiles.

Laminate Flooring Finishes

The surface finish and plank detailing of laminate flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of your floor. This detail enhances the authenticity of your laminate, giving you the look of real slate, stone, or wood. The way that laminate planks are finished really impacts on the overall look of your floor, but what are the differences in these finishes?

Plank Edging

Learn more about the different types of plank edging below.

4V-Groove Edge

A 4V groove incorporates the bevelled edge on both the length and width of the planks, which further adds to the authenticity of your laminate floor. This enhances the definition of the plank effect even more increasing the realism, giving you the look of a hardwood floor. Stone effect laminates can sometimes include a more rounded groove as this successfully replicates grouting between stone tiles.

No-Groove Edge

‘No groove’ means just that! The edges of all planks meet squarely to create a smooth, uniform surface that blends the wood floor together from plank to plank.

V-Groove Edge

A V-groove is a finish that is added to the edge of each wood-effect plank to enhance depth and definition between them. Each edge is bevelled so that when the planks are clicked together, a V-groove can be seen between each board, giving an even more natural finish by enhancing the plank effect.

Surface Finishes

The range of beautiful stone finishes from our business are as follows.


Some laminate comes with a textured finish to the surface, which is called ‘embossed’. The pattern is pressed into the laminate to create a texture that makes your flooring look and feel more like real wood. However, regular embossing doesn’t match exactly with the grain on the printed layer of your laminate.

Registered Embossed

The process for ‘registered embossed’ is the same as for regular embossed, where a pattern is pressed into the surface of the laminate to create texture. However, with registered embossed, the texture follows the grain of the printed image, creating a really authentic look and feel underfoot. Innovation in the industry’s technology enables each individual laminate plank to be matched with perfect precision.


The surface of the laminate flooring is pressed in such a way it creates the appearance of wood that has been scraped, giving it a real rustic feel. The laminate appears old and distressed for a very popular look. Your feet will also feel the contours of the grains and indentations.

Laminate Flooring Surface Detail

The plank detailing of laminate flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of your floor. This detail enhances the authenticity of your laminate, giving you the look of real slate, stone, or wood. Discover the different types of plank detailing below.

Single Plank Laminate

Single plank laminate gives the impression of a single plank of wood taking up the full width of each piece of laminate, giving a traditional look to your floor.

2-Strip Plank Laminate

The 2-strip laminate designs offer the idea of 2 strips of wood across the width of each laminate piece, which gives a staggered appearance highlighting colour variations.

3-Strip Plank Laminate

3-strip means that the laminate looks as though there are 3 boards within one plank. Again, this shows variety in colour as well as a seamless distinction between the boards.

Narrow Plank

Narrow plank laminate gives the impression that each plank is narrow, which is great for small spaces. It makes the room look larger by giving the appearance of more planks in the room.

Wide Plank

This laminate works well in larger spaces as the planks appear wider, offering a more rustic look and feel to the room without making it look too busy.

Tile Plank

This laminate is made to replicate tiles of different sizes and shapes, and applies to stone and slate effect laminate flooring.

Contact our flooring store in Skegness, Lincolnshire, for more details about high-grade laminate flooring.