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Indulge in Beautiful Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Professionals in Skegness, Lincolnshire

Whether it is beautiful wood, ceramic, or stone, obtain the finish you desire with luxury vinyl tiles if your budget doesn’t stretch that far. Located in Skegness, Lincolnshire, our team of professionals are more than happy to advise you on different options that seamlessly match your budget, such as stunning patterned vinyl flooring.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

We all deserve some indulgence in our lives, and this can be yours every day with our LVT. Luxury vinyl tiles replicate all manner of wood floors, ceramic, and stone tiles so authentically that noone can tell the difference. The only difference is that these tiles are cosy and warm under your feet and super comfortable.

Simple to install and incredibly easy to keep clean, their water resistance means that even spillages can be dealt with swiftly and look as good as new. Incredibly hard-wearing, you’d be hard pushed to damage this flooring but if you ever managed to, the relevant individual tile can be replaced, so there isn’t any need to pull the whole floor up. 

Perfect for any room, including kitchens and bathrooms, these durable tiles are ideal for even the most hectic of households with lots of traffic. When you want to create a high-end aesthetic in your home with a luxurious feel and excellent usability, luxury vinyl tiles are just what you are looking for.

Thanks to their stain and slip-resistant qualities, vinyl tiles are a very functional choice and can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. But there isn’t any need to sacrifice style for practicality, as with vinyl tiles, you really can have it all. With a wide variety of designs, colours, and finishes of floor tile available, you are spoiled for choice. There are 3 main types of vinyl tiles, which differentiate in the way that they are fitted. 

Dry-back vinyl tiles require adhesive to be applied to the subfloor, whereas self-adhesive vinyl tiles already have the adhesive applied to the backing of each tile. Click vinyl tiles use an innovative click system that means the tiles fit together easily, creating a floating floor surface.


Room Guide to Luxury Vinyl Flooring

You love the rustic look of a wooden floor, but long for it in your bathroom. Maybe you hanker after stone or slate, however the price tag and hassle of fitting has meant you have never taken the plunge. We encourage you to consider LVT as your ideal flooring solution.

Incredibly realistic, these tiles give you everything you need without the maintenance issues of wood or the hefty price tag and hassle in fitting real stone.

Visitors to your home are sure to be blown away by the sumptuous feel of your home, and will never know that they are not walking on the real thing. But just how suitable are these floor tiles for all areas of your home, and will they suit your needs? With the help of our flooring experts, we can help you to decide.


Vinyl has always been a go-to choice for bathrooms with good reason, and these luxury vinyl tiles are no exception. They are anti-slip, water and stain-resistant, and easy to clean as well as boasting a stunning, realistic finish that mimics the high-quality surface of real wood or stone.


Just like bathrooms, kitchens have long since been associated with vinyl floors. Any spills can be quickly mopped up, leaving no residue, and the stain resistance of these tiles means that no unsightly marks are left behind. Vinyl tiles really turn your kitchen into something special.


Luxury vinyl tiles bring a sense of opulence to your living room. Available in a range of designs of different wood types and shades, there is sure to be one that suits your interior style and with the warmth and comfort these tiles bring, your lounge will be super cosy and simply a pleasure to be in.


Just like the lounge, comfort is king in the bedroom and vinyl tiles have this in spades. They work particularly well in children’s bedrooms as they are so practical that any spills are easily and swiftly dealt with. Plus your kids will be cosy and warm each and every night.

Hall, Stairs, and Landing

Hallways, stairs, and landings are busy areas of the home that have to deal with regular wear and tear. Luxury vinyl tiles are an ideal flooring option for these particular areas as it means that you don't have to compromise on functionality, durability, or a quality finish.

Dining Room

An incredibly practical flooring choice, luxury vinyl tiles are perfect for your dining room. The wipe-clean, stain-resistant surface means that any spillages are dealt with easily, leaving your floor looking fabulous. Also, with such a varied choice and plenty of different features, you won’t be sacrificing style for functionality.

Achieve Different Effects with Planks or Tiles

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in 2 unique styles that can each give your home a distinctive look and feel. When you are looking for the appearance of real wood or stone flooring without the high cost or maintenance, plank or tiled luxury vinyl flooring is the ideal option for you. Whether you would like planks or tiles, you can find out more about the benefits of each below.

Plank Design

Plank luxury vinyl flooring can be used to create the illusion of real wooden flooring planks. A popular alternative to real wood flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is cheaper, quick to fit, and easier to maintain as well as being more comfortable and quieter underfoot.

Tiled Design

Tile luxury vinyl flooring mimics the distinctive repeat tile pattern of a natural stone or slate floor. Large square tiles are used to create a unique and characterful surface, making them an ideal alternative to real stone. Again, they are cost-effective, quick to fit, and easier to maintain.

LVT Flooring Effects

Print and production processes are always improving, and this in turn means that luxury vinyl tiles are looking better than ever with more and more design choices. Pretty much any wood type, ceramic, or stone tile has been replicated in vinyl tile to an amazingly realistic standard. These tiles are available in plank, tile, or solid formats, giving you the freedom to create the look you really want to an authentic, high-end standard.

Oak Effect

Oak is one of the most sought-after materials for flooring with good reason. Its classic effect is incredibly stylish and complements pretty much any style of home. Real oak flooring is also one of the priciest materials on the market.

However, with oak vinyl tiles, you get all of the effect of oak at a fraction of the price and very little upkeep. With no need to wax or varnish this flooring, the gorgeous effect will remain looking fantastic for years to come, and all it will take is a sweep and a mop to keep your floor looking as good as new. Get the look of a real floor without the compromise or maintenance now by getting in touch today.

Pine Effect

For many years, pine has been a popular choice for use in homes. It makes fabulous furniture and its flooring gives any living space a neutral finish that complements any decor or colour scheme. Pine is versatile and can adapt to suit both a modern home and a more traditional one. The wood, however, is soft and can scratch and mark quite easily.

With LVT, you obtain all of the benefits of a pine floor but with an incredibly durable finish that will last, meaning that your floor will look stunning for many years to come.

Stone Effect

A stone floor is a classic way to finish any room. Used for centuries as a flooring material, stone is easy to maintain and keep clean, and of course, looks simply stunning. One of the downsides to stone however, is that it is hard and cold to the touch and often uncomfortable under the feet.

Stone-effect vinyl tiles create an incredibly authentic-looking floor yet keep your tootsies warm and comfortable they bring. Just as easy to maintain as the real thing, the fitting of these tiles is much simpler and less costly, however your guests will never be able to tell the difference.

Slate Effect

Just like stone, slate has long since been used as a material to create flooring. It has a high-quality, natural finish that is neutral in appearance, meaning it works in both contemporary and traditional home interiors. However, slate is an expensive flooring material, can feel hard and cold underfoot, and requires a specialist fitter to achieve a professional finish. 

To achieve the look of slate without the drawbacks, choose slate-effect luxury vinyl tiles from our business. At just a fraction of the price and considerably easier to fit, these tiles are the perfect authentic alternative to real slate and will give you the finish that you dream of.

Metal Effect

Metal-effect vinyl can create real impact in any room, although it works especially well in the kitchen and bathroom. The unique finish of metal-effect luxury vinyl tiles injects texture, character, and charm into your home and works well with modern interiors. This is because it adds a rustic element to any space. 

A popular option for contemporary interior spaces, this striking and beautiful flooring option is available in pewter, copper, or nickel finishes that all have their own unique texture and charm. Make your floor a talking point in your home with sleek and stylish metal-effect luxury vinyl flooring.

Moroccan Style

Patterned luxury vinyl tiles are a great way to inject colour, contrast, and character into your home. Exquisitely decorated floor tiles are an iconic feature of trendy interior styles such as Moroccan. The bold mix of colours, patterns and geometric shapes bring your floor to life and transform the overall look of the room. 

Luxury vinyl tiles are especially great for a kitchen, bathroom, or dining room because they don't compromise on style or practicality. Discover how to use luxury vinyl tiles to add a little extra spice to your home with a Moroccan style by getting in touch.

Contact us in Skegness, Lincolnshire, to discover more about vinyl and cushion flooring.